Friday, January 21, 2011

My 8 Minutes Survey

Starting time : 3:55pm
Name : Mr.O
Brother(s) : Ada seorang abang n adik...
Eye's colour : of course hitam

Shoe's size : 7 1/2

Hair : Hitam keperang2 an..

Piercing : None

What are you wearing right now? : Jean hitam n shirt tengkorak

Where do you live now? : At KL
Favorite number : 14

Favorite drink :sy pggemar MILO

Favorite breakfast : Roti canai & nasi lemak (law tak dpat kempunan)

Broken a bone : retak jer..retak hidung time kcik2.

Been in a police car : haha..wat pe?Mr.O bkan pnjenyah

Fallen for a friend : ade jgak..=P

Fallen for a guy in a short period of time : mintak smpang la..haha

Swam in the ocean : ofcourse..
Fallen asleep in school : scola menengah dlu mmg slalu sgat

Broken someone's heart : erm...ade kot

Cried when someone died :yes, rndu kat mak angkat.

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : waiting 4 her

Saved e-mails : nope

Been cheated on : sumpah benda pling mnyampah


What your room like? : ala2 hotel la..
What is right besides you? : kerusi yg dah pecah..=P

What is the last thing you ate? : nasi lauk ayam..


Who did you last yell at? : ntah la..tak ingat sgat

Who was the last person you dance with? : haha..tak pndai mnari

Who last made you smile? : my best friend..

Final questions...

What are you listening right now? : bunyi kipas smbil2 lyan lgu spin-mengusung rindu
What did you do today? : tidow smpai terlepas kelas
Are you the oldest : nope

Indoors or outdoors? : dua-dua kot

Today you did...
Talk to someone you like? : not yet

Kiss anyone? : mstilah mak ak ade dah kne kis dah..

Sing? : bila diri rasa ingin dihiburkan..

Talk to an EX? : tanak la..dia da lukakan ak..=(

Miss anyone? : Yaaa..of course her

Eat? : dah kul 2 td

Last person who...

You talked to on phone : My friend (nak sroh print something)

Made you cry : was her

You went the mall with : my roommates

Who cheered up you : My friends

Have you...

Been to Mexico? : No.
Been to USA? : No.


Have a crush on someone? : about a month ago

What book are you reading right now? :blog ben ashaari
Best feeling in the world : rasa lega selepas kntut..HAHA

Future kids name : lau tak nak letak QASIH QISTINA
Do you sleep with with a stuffed animal? : No.

What is under your bed? : ader beg blik kg

Favourite sport (s) : futsal and rugbi
Favorite place (s) : Home sweet Home

Who do you really hate? : kwan yg busuk
Do you have a job? : i'm student

What time is it now? : 4:08pm

akhirnya...habis jugak!!! thanks kepada yang tag....

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